Centranet Corporation is a privately held company, headquartered on the Westcoast. Founded in 1997, we develops robust, scalable, high performance application solutions for high traffic on-line media and commerce companies. Centranet provides software solutions in embedded OEM packages on a private-label basis, permitting the on-line media company to focus on its primary business objectives without dilluting the brand integrity of their sites. Centranet technology provides the foundation upon which on-line media corporations can easily tap the opportunitites in on-line transactions by enabling them to quickly deploy our software at a fraction of the time and cost it takes for in-house development.

Centranet is constantly expanding its product line in a manner consistent with our mission of developing applications sought by high-traffic media companies. Our high-quality, low-profile approach is intended to attract and retain a more sophisticated and discriminating clientele.

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